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David Zammit is a solicitor of over 30 years' experience in many areas of the law, such as Commercial Leasing, Retail Leases, and Civil Litigation in the Local, District and Supreme Court jurisdictions, and Conveyance.

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Court Cases


Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you may have to go to court.

It may be you have been charged with a criminal offence, or have been sued by someone. If you do nothing about it, you could end up in serious debt, bankrupt, or worse.

You may want to fight the case, enter a plea of guilty with an explanation, or try to settle the matter.

Someone may even owe you money, and you need to make sure you get paid. The legal process of obtaining a judgement against someone and enforcing it is complex and requires experience and expertise for the best results.

Even seemingly simple matters can turn into a complicated and expensive situation without clear and timely legal advice.

We can assist you in all aspects of any court case you are involved with, both as a defendant or a plaintiff, and at a reasonable rate.

Personal Injury

There are many situations where you can suffer an injury. These include car accidents, being a victim of crime, or a slip and fall.

The ramifications of being hurt can be quite serious. An incident which does not appear too severe initially can worsen so much that you may be restricted in your ability to earn a living, or indeed to work at all.

For example, many insurers may make an offer of settlement relatively early on in the piece. Some people take this, without the benefit of legal advice, much to their later regret. You can take 18 months or more to recover from even a relatively minor accident.

It is always better to have someone beside you who knows the system and is looking after your best interests.

We can assist you with your claims from the outset, or come in at a later stage to offer advice about offers of settlement or other matters affecting your legal rights.

BE CAREFUL, however – strict time limits apply in many matters. You need to see someone straight away, to ensure you don't lose your rights.